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CE Marking For Steel And Aluminium Structures

CE Marking for all fabricated structural steelwork products,
covered by a harmonized European standard or conforming to a European Technical Assessment
became mandatory from 1 July 2014.

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EN 1090 - Who does it apply to?

“As of July 1st 2014 the majority of manufactured structural metal components or kits that have been either made in the Ireland or imported, and to which a harmonised European standard applies, must comply with the CPR & CE marking requirements. The harmonised European standard that applies to structural metalwork is EN 1090.”

ISO 3834 - The Welding Quality Management System

“Welding is part of the process, a Welding Quality Management system is needed and this must conform to EN ISO 3834. The company should either employ, or have access to, a Responsible Welding Coordinator to control their welding quality management system.”

How EN 1090 Help Your Business

Expand your market to the European Union.
Gain peace of mind by meeting all your legal obligations.
Benefit from Notified Bodies leading expertise and experience.
Fulfill the prerequisites for gaining CE mark.

The Principles of CPR

Mechanical resistance & stability
Safety in case of fire
Hygiene, health & the environment
Safety and accessibility in use
Protection against noise
Energy economy & heat retention
Sustainable use of natural resources

How Can We Help?

We can carry out gap analyses to identify what you need to do to comply with EN 1090, help you to define a plan to implement any changes, guide the preparation of Factory Production Control.

The Musts Of EN 1090

Purchase only CE Marked sections, bolts and welding consumables
A Quality Control system that is preferably compliant with BS EN ISO 9001
A Welding Quality Management system in line with EN ISO 3834
Employ a Responsible Welding Coordinator

Execution Classes Of EN 1090-2

EXC 1 Elementary Quality System (Farm Buildings)
EXC 2 Standard Quality System (Majority of Buildings)
EXC 3 Comprehensive Quality System (Bridges, Stadia etc)
EXC 4 Comprehensive Quality System (Special Structures)
İlker Ergün, EN 1090, ISO 3834, CE Marking Consultant

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