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No, the welding subcontractor does not have to have certification to ISO 3834. However, when a manufacturer intends to use sub-contracted services or activities (e.g. welding, inspection, non-destructive testing, heat treatment), information necessary to meet applicable requirements shall be supplied by the manufacturer to the sub-contractor. The subcontractor shall provide such records and documentation of his work as may be specified by the manufacturer.

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ISO 3834-1 gives the criteria for the selection of the appropriate level of the quality requirements. Section 5 states: The selection of the appropriate part of ISO 3834, specifying the required level of quality requirements, should be in accordance with the product standard, specification, regulation or contract. Because ISO 3834 may be used in a variety of situations and for different applications, definite rules on the level of quality requirements to be adopted in individual circumstances

ISO 3834 may be applied to a variety of situations.

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Products are split into the following classifications:

1 Sheet metal fabrication
2 Sheet metal containers
3 Rod and wire products
4 Domestic equipment
5 Hand tools
6 Vehicles, on/off road

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The development of European and international standards is having a profound effect on manufacturing and fabricating companies. To be successful in this business you have to comply with a bewildering array of requirements which seem to change almost daily.

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Yes it is still possible to comply with ISO 3834 if you do not have an approved quality system so long as you can address the essential requirement of the standard. ISO 3834-1 Section 4 gives an outline.


Independent certification to ISO 3834 benefits manufacturers by providing an authoritative third party statement of commercial value. Certification can be achieved alongside an ISO 9001 certification or it can stand alone. The stand-alone option may be attractive to companies in which the welding operations are simple.

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