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EN 1993 Eurocode 3 applies to the design of buildings and other civil engineering works in steel. It complies with the principles and requirements for the safety and serviceability of structures, the basis of their design and verification that are given in EN 1990 – Basis of structural design. EN Eurocode 3 is concerned with requirements for resistance, serviceability, durability and fire resistance of steel structures.

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EN Eurocode 3 is wider in scope than most of the other design EN Eurocodes due to the diversity of steel structures, the need to cover both bolted and welded joints and the possible slenderness of construction. EN 1993 has about 20 parts covering common rules, fire design, bridges, buildings, tanks, silos, pipelined piling, crane supported structures, towers and masts, chimneys, etc.
EN Eurocode 3 is intended to be used in conjunction with:

• EN 1990: Eurocode - Basis of structural design;
• EN 1991: Eurocode 1 - Actions on structures;
• ENs, ETAGs and ETAs for construction products relevant for steel structures;
• EN 1090: Execution of steel structures – Technical requirements;
• EN 1992 to EN 1999 when steel structures or steel components are referred to.


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