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Most of the mistakes and incompatibilities have been resolved since the previous version but there is already some points to review and correct.

The list of clauses to be corrected according to personal opinion is as follows:

en 1090 2 2017 draft

4.1.2 Execution classes

In this article it is mentioned as “The execution specification shall specify the relevant execution class or classes.” And there is not any clause like “If no execution class is specified ...”
But in EN 1993-1-1:2005/A1:2014 item C.1.2 Execution class, it is mentioned as “NOTE 2 EN 1090-2 states that EXC2 should apply if no execution class is specified.”
These two conditions are not mutually supportive. One of them should be change.

4.1.2 Execution classes
There is no information about which execution class covers which one.
Also there is not any clear information either technical documents or regulation.
There should be a note like “Higher execution classes covers lower. A producer can apply lower execution class even they have higher capability or certificate.”

4.1.4 Geometrical tolerances
This article identified two classes of functional tolerances (class 1, class 2). And there is two functional classes in Annex B. But the rest of the draft there is not any requirement about class 2. So class 2 is useless.
There should be a note like “Functional tolerance classes should be specified in specification.”

6.4.4 Hardness of free edge surfaces
There is hardness limit for S460 and above quality steels. For the lower qualities Standard mentioned as “if specified”. Permitted maximum hardness values for welded parts are defined in EN ISO 15614-1 Table 2. In this table, for group 1 and 2, maximum hardness is 380 HV.
There may need to define maximum hardness for lower qualities like EN ISO 15614-1.

7.5.16 Execution of welding
Mentioned as “for steel grades ≥ S460 spatters shall be removed.” Bu according to weld imperfections and corrosion protection standards spatters must be removed.
There should be additional information < S460 materials.

11.1 Tolerance types
Items c, d and e are not following items of b.
Items c, d and e should be renamed as 1, 2 and 3 or bulleted.

Table A.2 - List of options
Item 7.5.16 only mentioned for S460 and above qualities. But if we look to 7.5.16 Execution of welding, “Unless otherwise specified” means also for below qualities.
There should be add another sentence as “If, for steel grades < S460, removing of weld spatter is required.”


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