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We are at TURKIYE and ready to manage any steel construction and welding issue in TURKIYE.

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who we are


We are experienced engineers that have more than 10 years experience on steel structure and welding.

We are located at TURKIYE and we are ready to help you and your relations with any company in TURKIYE.

We consult companies on the road of the EN 1090 and ISO 3834. We have courses, seminars, custom consultancy programs to develop steel and aluminum structure sector.

We can draw the way how to meet EN 1090-1, CE Marking and Factory Production Control (FPC) documentation.

We can carry out gap analyses to identify what companies need to do to comply with BS EN 1090-1, help you to define a plan to implement any changes, guide the preparation of Factory Production Control, carry out pre-certification checks on the compliance of your systems and manage the certification visit by the NB.

We can also carry out internal audits of your system to ensure you are ready for CE Marking Certification.

We can advise you on the selection of an appropriate third party Notified Inspection Body to certify you system. The Notified Inspection Body has to be accredited by an international Accreditation Service.

We also have courses and programs according to Welding Quality Management system EN ISO 3834 which is a part of EN 1090 and CE marking system.

We can arrange a Responsible Welding Coordinators (RWC) training course, Welding Inspector (IWI) courses, and Welding Engineer (IWE) courses.

If your organization is involved in the manufacture of structural metal components or kits, you now need to demonstrate that your products comply with EN 1090 as well as prove product conformance through mandatory CE marking.


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